Nutritional Therapist, Nutritional Therapy, Stroud, Bristol, Gloucestershire

Beth Frances

(3 year diploma from the College of Naturopathic Nutrition, Level 6)

Like most, I grew up without understanding what I was eating and where it was coming from. I was active, ran for the county and South West, was a gymnast and enjoyed whatever food was turned my way. I became aware of my digestive symptoms around the age of 17 and began the long journey of bringing my health, energy and sleep back to balance. Through my experience, I understand how difficult it is to eat differently from friends, to have to make more refined choices about where to eat out, having to spend much longer than most preparing meals and not understanding why all my symptoms are occurring… it does not need to stay this way!

It is important to take charge of your own health and wellbeing. Here are the factors I had to prioritise once I realised enough was enough:

  • Begin to tune into my body – food, time of day, stress – what is the main trigger for my present symptom
  • Communicate with my close friends and family, I was feeling poorly, I needed the support and care
  • Prioritise money and time to begin understanding what was going on. I have seen health professionals who have brought so much understanding and wisdom to my health and wellbeing
  • Get to know my kitchen! Get to know my food! Working out a protein from a carb, what does my body need..

It wasn’t easy and it is never a quick fix but nutrition is a fuel for life, how we can expect to get it right if we don’t understand what our body needs.

On top of all my own experience, I am now fully trained to help you with your journey, whatever stage you are at – let me impart my nutrition knowledge and education. I am here for you!